If your planning application has been rejected and you feel the decision is unfair, you are able to launch an appeal. You must lodge your appeal within three months (this deadline is for homeowners – developers with major projects have up to six months).

Whilst in theory anyone can submit a planning application planning laws are often very complex and subjective. Consider expert planning consultants like expert lawyers, in theory anyone could defend themselves in court but a skilled lawyer is much more likely to get a positive outcome. With this in mind just because your application was rejected, it doesn’t mean that it could not be approved. Studio Charrette regularly help customers with planning rejections to secure the required planning approval.

If you are in any doubt our expert planning consultants can help. By carrying out a planning appraisal we can advise you on whether planning permission is required, the feasibility, process, timescales, likelihood of success and answer any other questions that you have. Once we know exactly what is required for your project, we will provide you an accurate quote for us to help you.

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