Construction Project Management works in partnership with you and the trades on site. It will drive the project forward whilst ensuring the build is on time, on budget and to code.

Project Managed to perfection

When entering the construction element, you can start to see your building take shape. Its an exciting time in any project, its also when things can go wrong and costs spiral out of control. Studio Charrette offer project management of the construction stage. This means having the right materials on site at the right time as well as the right trades.

Our project managers will ensure that the project remains on track and does not slip in terms of timing. A common problem with build is that without proper management the timing slips and this adds additional cost to the project.

Through managing on site activities, ensuring that the right materials are on site and also having a huge amount of experience to call upon should anything unexpected happen means that the build remains on time and on budget.

The other fantastic benefit of having our project managers on site means that we can talk you through the process in detail when you visit site. The project managers work for you and have your interests at heart.

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