Getting your building plans complete, getting planning permission and having everything in place to construct a beautiful home is not the end of the process. Its vital that you abide by the building regulations. If you don’t then all of your work could be for nothing.

Getting it done right

The architectural plans and planning permission focus a lot on how your design will impact the local area, will it negatively impact on other buildings close by. What the building regulations focus on is the quality of the construction of your build.

The purpose of building regulations is to ensure that any building constructed is structurally sound from the foundations all the way through to the electrics. Its vital that everything is to code as your build will fail causing you additional expense and work.

Studio Charrette will ensure that everything in your build is up to code, that the materials used meet all of the current requirements and that the trades on site are all aware of their obligations.

The exact regulations differ slightly depending on where you are in the UK but they all strive to do the same thing. Ensure that any building is safe and structurally sound. Following these regulations will be the difference between your build passing or failing.

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