Studio Charrettes planning consultants are experts in dealing with enforcement appeals. If you have received an enforcement notice or other formal notice from your local planning authority (LPA) there is an opportunity to make an appeal it but time is off the essence so the sooner you act the better. The notice may have a deadline by which retrospective planning permission must be secured or in the worst-case scenario the new development may need to be demolished.

The enforcement notice will require you take action within a certain period of time usually within 28 days from when it was first served. Usually you must make sure your enforcement appeal is with the planning inspectorate within 28 days of the serving of the notice, otherwise you will lose your right to appeal. You will then have to comply with the requirements of the notice or otherwise risk prosecution for non-compliance.

The appeal process depends on the complexity of the issue. Many appeals for enforcement notices are by means of an inquiry, as there may need to be complex legal issues to overcome. The planning Inspector will consider all the evidence provided by all parties and will visit the site to assess the proposal. A final decision will subsequently be made in writing after the site visit. The whole process from submission to decision should take around three months.

The most common reason that our customers receive enforcement notices is that they have read about permitted development and assumed incorrectly that planning permission was not required or have been misinformed, for example by a well-intentioned builder. Planning permission is often much more complex that people may think so sympathise and understand how stressful this situation can be but the good news is that we can help!

Our expert planning consultants can provide a planning appraisal to advise you on the best course of action and likelihood of success. Once we know exactly what is involved to appeal your enforcement, we will provide you an accurate quote for us to help you.

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