Planning appeals are the most common type of appeal, and depending on the type of application that is to be considered there are different ways of proceeding with the appeal. The most common appeal is in respect of a refusal of planning permission, although you can also appeal against any conditions that have been imposed on a planning permission or if the local planning authority has failed to make a decision within a specified timeframe (usually 8 or 13 weeks depending upon the type of application). However, it is possible to appeal against other planning decisions, including those listed below, but they may involve different grounds for appeal and deadlines.

The rules and regulations surrounding planning are there to ensure that not only are building safe but that they do not impede on their surroundings. When planning has not been granted for your project this does not mean that the project is dead. By working with us we can establish what part of your project did not meet the planners expectations, we can then either change the plans so that planning is granted or we can challenge the ruling.

Studio Charett has a vast amount of experience challenging the planning authority, often it’s a case of offering a clear explanation and providing more detail. Studio Charett has a large number of professionals offering a full range of Town and Country Planning Services. Most of our team have post graduate qualifications and full professional memberships in their chosen sphere of operation.

Studio Charett has years of experience in dealing with virtually every type of planning application and appeal. We offer full Planning Application and Appeal services. We are specialists in co-ordinating pre-applications, initial representations and responses to Local Planning Authorities. An Associate will act as your designated Consultant and ongoing adviser.

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