Whether you are looking at moving a fence, building a wall or an extension, converting a garage, doing a change of use or a new build development on a plot of land, our expert planning consultants are here to answer your questions and give you the advice you need.

For most customers the first step in any project is finding out whether the project is feasible, assuming the project is feasible, is planning permission required, what is the process, how long will it take and how much will it cost?

There are many things that can be done under permitted development rights and do not require planning permission. The permitted development laws only apply to houses meaning that flats, maisonettes and commercial buildings all require planning permission. Larger projects such as big double story extensions, new build houses or commercial projects will almost certainly require full planning permission.

Unfortunately, the laws for planning permission, even for the smallest of projects can be very complex and vary between each local planning authority. There are many constraints which are policies or conditions that affect whether, and how, a property or piece of land can be developed. Common planning constraints include conservation areas, green belt, areas of natural beauty, listed buildings and tree preservation orders.

Studio Charrette can provide a planning appraisal where our expert planning consultants will research your proposed project within your local planning authority, check the planning history, look for constraints or precedents that are relevant to your project. With this information they can they call you to give you the correct advice regarding feasibility, recommended course of action, the likelihood of success and answer any questions you have.

If you would like to arrange a planning appraisal for your project contact us today and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

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