Almost all development projects require a planning application of some kind in order to make sure they are compliant and do not incur any retrospective planning issues, enforcements or penalties.

You could be forgiven for thinking that to apply for planning permission you just need to fill in a planning application form. Unfortunately, even the for smallest and “simplest” project such as a wall or fence the planning application process is exactly the same as it is for a large project, such as a new build house.

For example, planning applications require architectural drawings, in order to prepare these a site visit or survey is required. Anyone can fill in an application form however, planning laws can be very complex so in order to have a good chance of success extensive knowledge and research is required to put forward the best case, based on evidence, to justify why the application for planning permission should be approved.

Planning applications usually take around 8 weeks to process, during this period local planning authorities will often have many questions or require alterations to the application in order for planning permission to be approved.

In theory, yes anyone can “have a go” at a planning application but not everyone can get a positive outcome making an application for planning permission. In fact, we regularly help customers who have tried and were unable to even able to get to their planning application validated and processed, let alone approved.

The good news is that Studio Charrette are expert planning consultants, our team collectively have decades of experience in residential and commercial planning applications. Our have expert planning consultants can help with even the most complex of projects.

If you choose to instruct Studio Charrette we will take care of the entire process from start to finish, including the architectural drawings, preparation and submission of your planning application through to completion.

If you are considering a new project and would like a planning appraisal to find out what you would require, the feasibility and costs for us to assist your planning application please contact us.

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